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Hawkes Bespoke Outfitters opened in Cardiff in 1994 and quickly made its mark on the city supplying mainly leather jackets and suits. Russell Scott-Lawson purchased the shop from his boss in 2000 and went to work on spreading its wings. Hawkes now offers a vast variety of labels and services having branched out into bespoke 'made to measure', and wedding hire. Along with fitted suits, Hawkes also has a vast collection of men's shoes available to go with any suit.

Above all we pride ourselves on the service we supply, and we believe that Hawkes is unparalleled in this respect. You will always find a helpful smile and sincere advice, we consider our customers, our shareholders, and we want to make sure they are happy. We have vast levels of knowledge with regards to all aspects of bespoke suits and tailoring which is unrivalled in the Cardiff area.

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